JVT’s Noteworthy Newsletter September ’16 edition

CD Releases: Current & Upcoming

“INNERrOUTe“, the Free-Improv band consisting of Rick Savage on trumpet/flugelhorn, myself on keyboard, Bill McCrossen on bass and Michael D’Agostino on drums, has a new release, our 2nd CD, FOURMATION. We’re now the on Planet Arts label (PA301554). Not setting any prerequisite boundaries for our improvisations, and drawing on our collective musical experience, deeply listening to one another, we collectively create each compositional journey. Look for the CD in digital and physical versions in all the standard outlets.

The Pucci Amanda Jhones’ recording, Love Jhones on the Cadence label (CJR1254). A really interesting and diverse recording that I wore multiple hats for: Pianist, Arranger and Producer.
Pucci Amanda Jhones – voice, Ralph Williams – tenor sax,
Joe Vincent Tranchina – piano, Eric Lemon – bass & Bobby Sanabria – drums
Produced by Joe Vincent Tranchina
Associate Producer Jeff Jones “The Jedi Master”
Executive Producer : Pucci Amanda Jhones
Recorded at Avatar Studios and World Alert Music.
Engineers : Anthony Routolo, Evan Manners
Assistant Engineers : Aki Nishimura, Edgar Tejada
Mixed and mastered at World Alert Music by Jeff Jones “The Jedi Master”
Additional mixing at Avatar Studios by Joe Vincent Tranchina

Currently in the penultimate stage for the next Gabriele Tranchina CD. It will again be multi-lingual and feature a number of my original compositions and a few nice surprises material-wise.


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